• Total area: 107.12 M2
  • Living area: 86.77 m2
  • Balcony: 20.35 m2

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Interior Design

Ocean Vake Park ( Mosashvili 26 ) 

This uniquely designed, high-end, contemporary building is a true Landmark in the most prestigious Vake district. As the name suggests, Ocean Vake Park is directly located at Vake Park, one of the largest green recreational heritage zones in Tbilisi.
Ocean provides internal loan with flexible instalment plan for the duration of the project with no hidden costs or fees, including interest. Our payment terms are transparent, simple and straightforward. We suggest to all clients to get the detailed information and become well informed before making any decision regarding payment plans. 


The total amount for the initial down-payment on the apartment is linked to the progress of construction of the project. 

There are three phases, 
  1. Pre-construction
  2. Finalisation of parking, level 0 reached
  3. Post construction of ‘shell and core’*
*‘Shell and core’ means finalisation of the concrete structure of the building 


Instalments are paid monthly and the amount paid monthly depends on: 

  • The amount paid at the initial down payment
  • The time between the client buying the apartment and receiving free and clear title
Ocean Capital is working closely with all the major banks in Georgia and will assist our clients with any financing requirements their may desire. 

Please call our office for the exact details of the instalment plan of the internal loan